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Unbound Agency

Project Overview

Celebrate what sets us apart.

When Unbound, an agency based in Kansas City, wanted to showcase their business experience while standing out amongst the competition to prospective clients and potential employees, they turned to Blue Rivet. The ask was simple—create a website that showcased the Unbound difference.

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Introducing a new advertising model

Unbound is not your traditional ad agency. They are a small group of strategists who hand pick consultants and freelancers to complete assignments as they arise. The site needed to reflect their unique approach. When it came to the site, the Unbound team wanted content to be digested in a specific way. That led to these two asks:

  • Overlay new pages on top of the homepage
  • Create an endless loop on the homepage

These two aspects would provide the user with a smart way to immerse themselves in the content in a manner that was more natural and less disruptive.

A customized site for a customized approach

By implementing a custom WordPress theme, custom JavaScript, and SharpSpring integration, Blue Rivet was able to bring to life the Unbound vision while keeping user experiences at the forefront. However, the solution wasn’t as simple as the ask. Finding a way to have an endlessly looping homepage that wasn’t disruptive to expected site behavior and still allowed for users to find their way around the site required a seamless blend between technology and user experience. The team was able to implement both the looping and the overlay functionalities only because we developed a completely custom theme. This allowed for full control of the output while maintaining a good content-authoring experience.

Take their word for it

When the project was complete, Unbound was thrilled with the website. This is what they had to say:

“We sincerely appreciate the partnership and collaboration with Blue Rivet in bringing our creative vision to life. They approached every wild, crazy idea as a problem to be solved and found a way to make it all work. Blue Rivet was always optimistic and willing to jump in with solutions – a key reason they won the project to begin with. We believe we were able to create something that had never been seen with the looping functionality, and they were paramount in bringing that to life. Tremendous partners, indeed.”

Dave Lubeck
Founder and Managing Partner
Unbound Agency